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A happy and welcoming introduction to Squiggles Pre-School is important and before your child’s start date you and your child will be offered a visit during a normal session. This allows you both to become familiar with the routine and with some of the other children and staff hopefully making it easier to settle in.


During your child’s first week at Pre-School he/she will be allocated a key person. A Key Person is responsible for liaising with the child’s parent/carer, providing feedback after each session and ensuring that the child feels safe within his/her new surroundings. A key person is a great link between pre-school, the child and their home environment.


When you bring your child into the Pre-School at the start of the session, they will be greeted by their key person who will encourage them to join an activity. All activities offered and the equipment used is carefully chosen to present children with a range of activities that provide both familiar experiences and new ones to extend their learning.


Sand, water, play dough, puzzles, large and small construction toys, a creative area, free painting, role play and the book/quiet area will always be available for the children to choose. There will be opportunities for the children to participate in musical activities, cooking and outdoor play.

Play Learn and Grow
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